Technical Translation Services

Technical Translations, technical equipment, parabolic system, observer

The technical translations, for example, are translations that must be carried out by experienced translators with technical background. The technical translations may refer to user guides, manuals, patents, any technical information or any specification on a technical subject. The translation process must not be based only on the linguist’s ability of properly understanding the source and the target languages, but also on the linguist’s ability of understanding in a proper manner the context and the terms, that ability of easily communicating with technical terms and expressing the correct meaning.

The technical translations always require linguists that studied a technical field, worked in this field or are passionate about it. There are engineers for example who can’t understand correctly some specifications that were previously translated from another language, and that is because the translation was carried out only as a linguistic translation and not as a technical translation, and therefore that so called technical translation has a wrong meaning. This is why when it’s about technical translations we always work with linguists with technical background, the translation process being easily carried out and the technical translation properly understood. The terminology in technical translations is complex but straightforward, and the CAT tools are designated to reach a high consistency. Therefore, the key to a perfect technical translation is working with linguists who are experts in technical communication and have solid technical background.

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