Pharmaceutical Translation Services

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The pharmaceutical translation refers to the translation of any text within or related to the pharmaceutical field. The translation must be carried out linguistically and based on the target terminology. Any mistranslation can lead to wrong understanding of the meaning and therefore to possible health related problems, injury and even death.

The pharmaceutical translations include the translation of prospects, pharmaceutical content, pharmaceutical devices, content related to the production of medicines, or any text related to the pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical company, pharmaceutical product or pharmaceutical journal.

The translator who carries out a pharmaceutical translation has to adapt the source text to the target one, and must be familiar with the pharmaceutical terminology of both source and target languages. In order to translate pharmaceutical content, subject matter knowledge is required, as well as training.

The terminology in pharmaceutical translations is strict and must be followed accordingly. The CAT tools can help the translators with the consistency, but they still have to be up to date with the latest terminology approved and with the newest pharmaceutical research results and pharmaceutical technology.

Therefore, the pharmaceutical translation must be carried out only by translators who are highly experienced in the pharmaceutical field and who properly understand and are able to adapt in a proper way the pharmaceutical terminology of two different languages.

This is why when it’s about pharmaceutical translations we always work with highly experienced linguists and with linguists with pharmaceutical background, the translation process being easily carried out and the pharmaceutical translation properly understood.

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