Translation of Product Specifications & The Marketplace Response

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Are you the manufacturer of a product that is at one point intended for export to one or more marketplaces around the globe? Does your product come together with specifications, a user manual or a prospect? You have then to take into account several aspects.

A product that is manufactured outside the target marketplace is not only something new on the market for the presumed customer, but also a question mark. As possible buyers, the presumed customers will always ask themselves why would they buy your product and not one that is manufactured in their own countries, and the decision is made more easily when the product specifications, users manuals or prospects seem to have been composed in their own language, as if the product was manufactured on that marketplace. It is a sign of respect and the only response can be trust. Therefore, once you offer this small sign of respect, your company and product will look much more reliable.

On the other hand, there are several countries where the legislation does not require the product specifications to be translated into the marketplace’s language. It may seem a financial advantage for you at the beginning, but you should ask yourselves: why would a customer buy my product as long as they don’t understand the specifications, user manual or prospect? Wouldn’t they prefer to buy a product that comes together with all the details in their own language, so that they know what and how they should do when required? Therefore, the financial advantage is actually not valid, not as long as you can’t sell your product because the package lacks some basic information.

You can make the specifications, user manuals or prospects look as if they were composed in the target marketplace’s language only by using translation service providers that are native in the target language, respectively the marketplace’s language. They will know how to express the information for the general public using an adequate language, without changing the meaning of your sentences and advice.

To sum up, the translation of product specifications, user manuals or prospects can only be in the benefit of all: for you as sales increase, and for the customers as reliability. We can find for you the suitable linguist to carry out this job as we work directly with translators that are based all over the world and who are up to date with the most used terminology of the respective marketplace.