How to Choose a Translation Agency

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Almost any business or institution may require at some point the translation of a certain documentation or content. The one in charge with this job will then have to find the best translation company that will carry out in a professional manner the translation requirements. At this point, the internet search engines seem to be the best place to find a translation company, as it’s the easiest and more convenient way to look for a translation service provider. But the internet search engines display thousands of results. How to choose the best and most professional translation agency?

  • Make sure the translation agency is not just a factory. The translation agency’s leaders and managers must be or have strong experience as linguists. A translation agency led by people who never translated one page is not a reliable one, even if they work with high experienced translators. They simply don’t know what translation is all about.
  • A reliable translation agency works only with linguists who are native in the target language. The fact that an immigrant has a new citizenship does not make them native in the target language. This is all about language accuracy and excellent translation results.
  • The list of clients: the fact that a translation agency has listed on the website their clients may mislead you. It may be a proof of trust, but what about confidentiality? This fact can only expose you – as client – to inconvenient crime (such as hacking). Choose a translation agency that does not provide publicly this information.
  • The translation agency is able to provide solutions for your documentation or content, and can frequently update it as per your request.
  • The Translation agency is able to provide large translation volumes in a short time, without affecting the quality of the respective translation.
  • The translation agency carries out Quality Assessment as per your request.
  • The translation agency is able to provide a translation of one document to as many languages as you request.
  • The translation agency never uses machine translations but only human translations carried out by linguists who are native in the target language.
  • The translation agency can provide interpreters for any language combination to any location, at any time you may require this service.
  • The translation agency will discuss with you, understand and put into practice your specific requirements.
  • The translation agency can provide DTP, as per your request.