Romanian Translations


Romanian language is a Romance language, an Indo-European language, spoken by around 25 million people as a native language in Romania and Moldova, and by another approximately 12 million foreign citizens around the globe. As a Romance language, its grammar and vocabulary are very close to the other languages in this group: Italian, French, Portuguese, and Spanish.

When it comes to Romanian translations, you have to take into account that it is preferable for the translations to be carried out by Romanian natives, and this fact is because the Romanian language is not widely spoken around the globe, and therefore non-natives may not try to learn it at an academic level. But this is not an disadvantage, as the Romanian translation industry comprises a large number of highly qualified Romanian linguists. This is the reason you should always contact a Romanian translation agency or company in order for the results to be the best, as expected.

Hi! All Languages Translations is based in Romania and is led by Romanian linguists, too. With a wide experience in the translation industry, we currently collaborate with over 500 qualified and certified Romanian translators. The Romanian translation market is highly developed, but only few translation companies provide global translation services. Hi! All languages Translations is a global translation service provider, so you can reach us from any place on the globe at any hour by simply sending us an e-mail or by using the online contact form that can be found here. As an internet or online translation agency, we can easily take care of your translation requirements and deliver the translations by the agreed time, no matter what your time zone is.

As Romania is a member of the European Union and NATO, the trade has increased and therefore the translation requirements for the Romanian language have increased too. Should you require technical translation services, medical translation services, pharmaceutical translation services, legal translation services, or any other translation service, including sworn translations, localization or interpreting, from any language into Romanian or from Romanian into any language, you are now at the right place. Your content will be translated to or from Romanian in the shortest possible time at decent rates, and the translation will be carried out only by extremely qualified linguists.