US Elections 2016: An Impact on the Translation Industry?


On Tuesday, November 8, 2016, the US citizens have elected the president for the next few years. Despite the polls results that indicated Hillary Clinton as winner, Mr. Donald Trump has been elected by the US citizens as president.

Following Mr. Trump’s speeches, many markets and industries around the globe have panicked. We can’t know if there’s a reason for this fact, but the translation industry should not be among these markets.

Regardless the political results and actions, the translation industry has nothing to do with political results. The translation industry simply refers to language, translation process and quality.

Does any of these slogans “Make America Great Again” and “I’m With Her“, or the different economical views, involve the translation industry? Of course not. And that is due the fact that the globalization process is in full development, regardless any political or economical views. If there’s any “slogan” that could apply to the translation industry, it should be strictly with respect to the language and translation process, just like the one of our company, which fully describes, even if in short, the purpose of this industry: “The Excellence of Linguists through Translation. Language First“.

In brief, the US elections have absolutely no impact on the translation industry, not as long as the globalization process is in development, not as long as the USA is one of the biggest exporters and importers, and not as long as the USA is and will be a multicultural country.