Romanian Translations

Romanian language is a Romance language, an Indo-European language, spoken by around 25 million people as a native language in Romania and Moldova, and by another approximately 12 million foreign citizens around the globe. As a Romance language, its grammar and vocabulary are very close to the other languages in this group: Italian, French, Portuguese, and Spanish. When it comes to Romanian translations, you have to take into account that it is preferable for the translations to be carried out by Romanian natives, and this fact is because the Romanian language is not widely spoken around the globe, and therefore ...
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Working with CAT Tools – Advantages and Disadvantages

A CAT tool (computer-assisted translation) is a software that is designed to help with the translation of a text. The text is fragmented into segments and this fact is supposed to help with the translation process, which would be carried out faster. It should not be confused with machine translations. The CAT tools are used by human translators in order to provide consistency. The CAT tools include the "terminology" (TM) option that helps the translator find easier the term that is required to be used and that was already used when translating certain content. The TM can be updated at ...
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How to Choose a Translation Agency

Almost any business or institution may require at some point the translation of a certain documentation or content. The one in charge with this job will then have to find the best translation company that will carry out in a professional manner the translation requirements. At this point, the internet search engines seem to be the best place to find a translation company, as it’s the easiest and more convenient way to look for a translation service provider. But the internet search engines display thousands of results. How to choose the best and most professional translation agency? Make sure the ...
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Translation of Product Specifications & The Marketplace Response

Are you the manufacturer of a product that is at one point intended for export to one or more marketplaces around the globe? Does your product come together with specifications, a user manual or a prospect? You have then to take into account several aspects. A product that is manufactured outside the target marketplace is not only something new on the market for the presumed customer, but also a question mark. As possible buyers, the presumed customers will always ask themselves why would they buy your product and not one that is manufactured in their own countries, and the decision ...
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Brexit Impact on UK Translation Industry

On June 23, 2016, the UK population voted to leave the EU. Could this fact have an impact on the UK translation industry? Below are described some aspects that illustrate that yes, the translation industry in the UK will be affected by this decision. It is well known that the UK has one of the most developed translation industries in the world. At the same time, it is also well known that the development of the translation industry in the UK is due mostly to immigrants. The greatest part of the persons involved in the UK translation industry come from ...
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Pharmaceutical Translation Services

The pharmaceutical translation refers to the translation of any text within or related to the pharmaceutical field. The translation must be carried out linguistically and based on the target terminology. Any mistranslation can lead to wrong understanding of the meaning and therefore to possible health related problems, injury and even death. The pharmaceutical translations include the translation of prospects, pharmaceutical content, pharmaceutical devices, content related to the production of medicines, or any text related to the pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical company, pharmaceutical product or pharmaceutical journal. The translator who carries out a pharmaceutical translation has to adapt the source text to ...
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