Italian Translations

Italian language is a Romance language spoken by around 65 million people as a native language and by approximately 20 million foreign citizens around the globe as a foreign language. As a Romance language, its grammar and vocabulary are very close to the other languages in this group: French, Portuguese, Romanian, and Spanish. When it […]

Translation Services in USA

Get Quote Contact Us As an internet translation company, Hi! All Languages Translations provides translation services also in USA. Besides the language difference between the US or UK English, there are other aspects that have to be taken into account when providing translation services in USA. When it comes to technical translation services, medical translation […]

Technical Translation Services

The technical translations, for example, are translations that must be carried out by experienced translators with technical background. The technical translations may refer to user guides, manuals, patents, any technical information or any specification on a technical subject. The translation process must not be based only on the linguist’s ability of properly understanding the source […]