Technical Translation Services

The technical translations, for example, are translations that must be carried out by experienced translators with technical background. The technical translations may refer to user guides, manuals, patents, any technical information or any specification on a technical subject. The translation process must not be based only on the linguist’s ability of properly understanding the source […]


Language interpreting Looking for escort interpreting services, telephone interpreting services or Skype interpreting services? Hi! All Languages Translations can offer you the best interpreter, either in your area or online, as we work with a community of over 1,000 professional and experienced interpreters. The interpreting process – or language interpretation process – refers to oral […]


Language localization (US) or localisation (UK) Hi! All Languages Translations provides localization services. We translate your product into different languages by adapting it for a specific country or region. Should you require software localization, games localization or dub localization, let us know and your target locals or audience will derive advantage from professional services and […]

Document Translation

Hi! All Languages Translations provides a wide range of document translations, in any format. We will keep the same format, style and layout, unless otherwise required. Should you require technical translations, legal translations, medical translations, automotive translations, scientific translations, marketing translations, website translations, pharmaceutical translations, financial translations, engineering translations, investment translations, telecommunication translations, nuclear energy […]

Rates / Get a Free Quote

We are a global translation service provider that offers translation services at affordable rates. The rates vary depending on the language combination, domain, and working volume. Therefore, we encourage you to send us the file(s) that require translation by using the form below, or directly to This is free of charge, and a member […]


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Terms and Conditions

Both parties shall ensure full confidentiality, starting with the quotation. The translation process starts from the moment a PO is sent, a full or partial payment is made or a contract is signed, depending on each case. The “quote” has informative role only and is free of charge. The customer is not obliged to continue […]

Privacy Policy & Confidentiality

Your information is protected by special software. Once a project is completed, the information shall be deleted from our system. Our collaborators follow the same rule, being informed in advance of the confidentiality requirements. We use your information for requested quotes and to update you about new offers only. Confidential information shall be disclosed when […]