Website Localization

The website localization refers to the translation of the website content to as many languages as you may require. Given that your products or services are intended for one or more foreign marketplaces, your website – which is actually your online business card – has to be easily understood by the target audience. Also, given […]

Romanian Translations

Romanian language is a Romance language, an Indo-European language, spoken by around 25 million people as a native language in Romania and Moldova, and by another approximately 12 million foreign citizens around the globe. As a Romance language, its grammar and vocabulary are very close to the other languages in this group: Italian, French, Portuguese, […]

Working with CAT Tools – Advantages and Disadvantages

A CAT tool (computer-assisted translation) is a software that is designed to help with the translation of a text. The text is fragmented into segments and this fact is supposed to help with the translation process, which would be carried out faster. It should not be confused with machine translations. The CAT tools are used […]

How to Choose a Translation Agency

Almost any business or institution may require at some point the translation of a certain documentation or content. The one in charge with this job will then have to find the best translation company that will carry out in a professional manner the translation requirements. At this point, the internet search engines seem to be […]

Brexit Impact on UK Translation Industry

On June 23, 2016, the UK population voted to leave the EU. Could this fact have an impact on the UK translation industry? Below are described some aspects that illustrate that yes, the translation industry in the UK will be affected by this decision. It is well known that the UK has one of the […]

Translation Services in Europe

Hi! All Languages Translations provides translation services from and into all European languages. Should you require a translation from or into any of the following languages, we are here to offer high quality, professional translation services. Get Quote Contact Us EU Languages Translation Services: There are other few languages spoken in the European Union. Although […]

Internet Translation Services

Hi! All Languages Translations is a global translation service provider. We provide translation services in all the countries of the world, our translators are native in the target language and are based across the globe. Whether you look for a translation service provider in Europe, USA, Asia, Australia or Africa, you are now at the […]

Translation Services in USA

Get Quote Contact Us As an internet translation company, Hi! All Languages Translations provides translation services also in USA. Besides the language difference between the US or UK English, there are other aspects that have to be taken into account when providing translation services in USA. When it comes to technical translation services, medical translation […]